Brigid Court

We are seeking a Brigid Court Queen and Three Member's of her Court.

2018 Brigid Court (docx)


Brigid Court

The Spirit of "Fighting Irish" and woman in our community who uphold strength and core values. 

NWSI is proud to announce our first St. Brigid Court. For the last fourteen years we have been host to thousands of community members and businesses who have participated in the NWSI Parade. NWSI has presented some of the most exceptional Irish community leaders through the NWSI Grand Marshal selection. We have had the honor of awarding some of the most giving recipients in our community with the NWSI Humanitarian Awards. And of course we have had exceptional representation of our youth and up and coming leaders through our NWSI Queen and her court. 

This NWSI parade historically was founded in memory of Judith Cregan Murray. Judith, a mother of five who had strength much like St. Brigid of Ireland. Our grandmother Brigid Murray was named after the patron St. Brigid as it seems befitting to align our fourteen year tradition with a St. Brigid Court.  

Honoring Irish women who empower and have exceptional strength and core values has always been a thought of our committee but this year we received a special email from some wonderful NWSI friends that really solidified and led us to this new found NWSI tradition. Thank you to these wonderful ladies that brought this to our attention. The St. Brigid Court much like your message can only strengthen our parade reflect further positive messaging to our sons and daughters!