Parade safety

Dear Friends:

On behalf of the Northwest Side Irish we would like  to thank you for your cooperation and participation to the Northwest  Side Irish Friends and Family St. Patrick’s Day parade. We have had  great support and cooperation from the surrounding neighbors and  community businesses.

After meeting with the City of Chicago  Mayor’s Office of Special events, our 16th District Commander and  affiliated policing community we wanted to remind our friends and  neighbors that the parade date for 2018 is on March 11th. We will kick  off the parade at 12:00pm beginning at Onahan School running south on  Neola to Northwest Highway, north on Northwest Highway ending at Harlem  Avenue.

Assembly for the parade will begin as early as 9:00 am.   For those who live on the parade route we would like to remind you that  parking notices will be posted and we will ask that you move your  vehicles in a timely manner.

The parade has been a safe  community friendly event and it is our utmost priority to keep the  surrounding environment safe and friendly for the families and  businesses that have supported our efforts over the past ten years.  We  take great pride in the compliments that come our way on behalf of this  effort. Much of the family friendly environment comes from the community  we live. Our neighbors and businesses have been the strength of the  success of the event and we thank you for your support and hope this is  an enjoyable event for your family and friends as well. Here are some  important safety notes for your review.

Follow the directions from the NWSI Marshals and Chicago Police Department
Keep children and adults behind the assigned barricades or designated curbside areas
Do not step into the streets to pick up hand outs/candy etc. safety is our number one priority
No  distribution of any alcoholic beverages. No drinking of alcohol on the  public way.  This will be enforced by the Chicago Police Department.

Thank you again for your support and participation in keeping with this family friendly Northwest Side event.

Daniel E. Murray, NWSI President 

Elizabeth Murray, Coordinator           

Word document of the 2018 NWSI Parade Neighbors and Business Safety Letter click below.

2018 NWSI Parade Neighbors and Business Saftey Letter

2018_Businesses & Neighbors Letter (docx)