Music Scholarship Fund

John Belcaster Music Scholarship Fund

 Northwest Side Irish in partnership with Flatts and Sharpe Music Company proudly announces

The John Belcaster Music Scholarship Fund

John Belcaster 
June 12, 1983 - February 14, 2016

John  was a songwriter and a poet, but today we use his life as our muse. He  was a father and a son, a brother, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin and  friend to so many, “Daddy” being the role he was most proud of. Anyone  that was a part of John’s life  knew that music was part of his journey.  His talent and music will forever be with us.  

When John was  four years old we took him for piano lessons and by the time he was six  years old he could pick up almost any musical instrument. He was an  exceptional talent and shared his gift mostly with those closest to him.  We all knew this was his true life’s passion and love and in many ways  it was his saving grace and part of his day to day journey here on  earth. We are certain that his music lives on in heaven. That being  said, today we honor him, as he was a teacher of music to his six year  old son Jameson and his brother Michael and he would be so very proud to  pass the opportunity on to others. His love and gift to others lives on  through the John Belcaster Music Scholarship Fund (JBMSF) 

John  and Jameson and I frequently visited Flatts and Sharpe Music Co. It was  about a week after John had passed that Jameson and I stopped in the  store and Chris Bell and I talked about John and his love for music. She  immediately offered lessons to Jameson for therapy purposes, to heal  and remember his Dad. A year later we enrolled Jameson in drum classes  and Chris and I talked about a scholarship fund in John’s memory. 
Today  we are very grateful to our friends at Flatts and Sharpe Music Co., in  partnership with the NorthWest Side Irish we announce the John Belcaster  Music Scholarship Fund (JBMSF). John’s son Jameson is the first  recipient of the JBMSF as he is currently enrolled in drum lessons via  the first JBMSF with full contribution from Flatts and Sharpe Music Co. 
Flatts  and Sharpe Music Co. will match every $600.00 raised and we will give  one year of music lessons, the instrument of choice, to selected  recipients. Our goal is to raise or exceed $1200.00 this year, making a  total, with Flats and Sharpe contribution of $2400.00. That would create  2 JBMSF scholarships for 2017. 
Please join us in sharing John’s love for music and the arts with others. 

All  of our love to you my angel in heaven, all of our love. My heart will  forever be with you and we will carry on your love with your son Jameson  and of course with your love of music by sharing it with others. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration and for honoring my son John Belcaster’s love for music. 
Elizabeth Murray Belcaster