About Us


 Dear Friends:

It is now our sixteenth year as a community  organization. We appreciate all of the extended support from so many  friends, community organizations, business participants, elected  officials and the community of the northwest side. The support from this  community of union workers, our police and fire community and all of  the families that make this northwest side tradition such a great  success is overwhelming and much appreciated.

We have helped so  many charities along the way with your monetary sponsorship's, food  donations and extended continued awareness for those charitable  communities that deserve to be recognized for their hard work and  efforts to give back to those in need.

Can you remember our first  food drive 15 years ago? We had garage full of food for the Chicago  land Food Depository. We had great friends that participated in a very  successful fundraiser for Misericordia through a Superbowl Party in  2006. We sold thousands and thousands of Shamrocks to support Muscular  Dystrophy Association. NWSI participates in supporting Wounded Hero’s  and Operation Support Our Troops and will continue to carry on this  participation as we grow along with many other charitable communities.

I  have found one thing to be true in these many adventures over the  years. We have never been short on support from this great community we  live in. It is a great tribute to my mother and father and to so many  families that raised their children in the Chicagoland area. We all seem  to get it. We are graciously blessed and all have an understanding of  giving back.

This year we will be recognizing community efforts  for our veterans and military families. With special guests coming from  years past to the present. We hope you can join us and keep your eye on  special guest announcements coming to the website and facebook.

Warm Regards,

Daniel E. Murray
Elizabeth Murray-Belcaster