NWSI 2018 Queen

Shannon Murray

Shannon Rose Murray is the youngest granddaughter of Daniel and Judith  Murray Family, she is the 8th of 12  grandchildren  born into to the  Murray family, founders of the NWSI Parade. Shannon is giving, kind  hearted and beautiful inside and out. She will be the last of the Murray  granddaughters to hold the title of NWSI Queen.  

"My name is Shannon Murray and I am currently 21 years old. I have been a  nanny for 5+ years and have a passion for helping others. Although my  background is within the medical field, as I am a Certified Medical  Assistant, I do plan on attending college for Childhood education in the  near future. I devote part of my spare time volunteering as I believe  giving back is extremly important. I am extremely honored to be choosen  as Queen for the NWSI Parade 2018."

Queen's Court

Grace Owens

Coming from a family of Irish immigrants, remaining close to my Irish heritage has always been extremely important to me. My Dad is from Dublin and my grandparents

are from Clare and Galway. I was born and raised in Chicago, being part of the Queen’s Court would merge two favorite things together, being Irish and a Chicagoan.

My first ever airplane ride was to Ireland when I was three months old, that is when my love for the country began. This past summer I was given the opportunity to go back to

Ireland and truly experience the country’s heritage and all it holds. I first fell in love with the people, how welcoming they were and just the beauty of the country, I also loved

the music. Being part of the Queen’s court would allow me to bring the love I was showed in Ireland to Chicago.I started Irish dancing when I was three years old, it is a

pretty normal thing to do in my family. I have amazing memories from dancing. One of my favorite memories is dancing in the parade. At times it was freezing cold, it was still so much fun to see the whole city of Chicago celebrating their heritage. I would love to be apart of the parade and other community events to share in Irish fellowship.

Ashley Byrne Murphy

Both of my parents grew up in Ireland and I am very involved within the Irish community. I played with the

Aisling Geals and I have been involved in many fundraisers within the Irish community. I would love to be able to represent the north side Irish in Chicago because it is apart of who I am.  Right now I am, in high school hoping to go to Trinity College in Dublin majoring in international businesses and

minoring in Chinese. Then I plan to come back to Chicago and go to law school here and go into corporate law.

In addition, I also currently volunteer at a retirement home, but a current goal of mine is to set up a better

volunteer program for the youth in the community. I know many kids that would like to be able to volunteer there and I would like to create a better relationship being able to connect the youth with volunteering more.